If you work in project management or procurement, you’ve probably run into delays that have cost time, money, or both. Most of the time such delays are avoidable, but with many people involved in a project, getting the right information to the right person can be a challenge. 

Here at Dillmeier Glass our number one priority is to make sure you get glass on time, every time, so we’ve put together a quick checklist to help make your next order run smoothly. With these in hand, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth that adds time to your project and puts you at risk for delays.


Get The Specifications Ready

The first step to any successful quote or order is getting your specifications prepared. Remember, the first step to producing your order is cutting the glass, and once we start, there’s no going back. Wood, drywall, and even metal, can be altered slightly in the field, but glass is cut and tempered, which makes it very strong and durable, but impossible to modify.

If you can provide the following right away, we’ll be able to start immediately and get your glass quoted and produced quickly. Here are the eight must-haves you’ll want covered on your checklist.  

Size and quantity: Quite simply, what size, shape, and quantity of glass do you require? 

Tempering logo: Will you need a logo confirming the glass is tempered? Where would you like the logo to be placed?

Fabrication requirements:  If your drawings call for hardware or other fabrication requirements, just share the specifications with us and we will help you apply them to your glass order. 

Edge specifications: Do you want flat-polished, pencil-polished or mitered edges? If all the edges will be enclosed or you’re not sure which option is correct, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Type of glass: If the glass is tempered, do you want a clear, or low-iron variety? Does it need to be laminated? Do you want any opacity such as frosted, ribbed or pattern glass?  

Thickness: What thickness do you require? Is your glass going in a channel?

Tolerances:  We typically fabricate glass size to a tolerance of +/- 1/16”, though we can meet +/- 1/32” when you provide a template.  

Assembly: Does your order require any assembly? This is typically relevant for casework or display units. 

Note that if your glass does require holes, notches or cut outs, the specifications must meet GANA (Glass Association of North America) guidelines or they will break when tempered. Here at Dillmeier Glass, we can help you evaluate your design and make sure it conforms before starting work, but it’s important to ensure you get this step right regardless.


Get Started Early

More important than any specific piece of data or information however, is timeline. Your job will run best when you contact us early—ideally while budgeting for the job. Dillmeier Glass is here to help you get the answers you need to ensure you avoid delays.

If you can gather the right information, you’ll be able to get your order turned around quickly, efficiently, and on time. If you have any questions, please contact us, and make sure to download the one-page checklist to keep as a handy reference of the eight Must Haves you need for every glass order.