When researching and planning your tempered glass project, it’s important to note specific guidelines and standards that must be adhered to for a successful project that won’t buckle, crack or shatter under pressure.

Whether your glass tempering project specifications are outside the ASTM International guidelines, or you’re unsure of glass thickness and hole placement, it’s best to work with a trusted glass fabricator. They can facilitate solutions, such as slotted glass, relief cuts, and other adjustments.

We’ve also developed a downloadable reference tool on what to know before your project planning stages, such as:

  • Glass Thickness & Sizing
  • Hole & Notch Placement & Diameters
  • Edge Distance Requirements
  • Minimum Glass Widths
Please complete the accompanying form to access this handy reference tool.

View our blog: Glass Tempering Guidelines: 5 Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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