Retail Glass Display with polished glass in tall display case

A Finished, Cohesive Look for any Application

Whether your project includes frameless glass walls, display cases, railings, tabletops, or doors, complete your look with finishing touches offered through custom edgework and polishing for a timeless, elegant presentation within various spaces and applications.


Avoid Install Challenges With Our Professional Expertise

With correct edgework critical to complement the use of your glass, we’ll partner with you every step of the way to deliver perfect form and fit. Because certain edgwork might not be conducive to your project, you can eliminate concerning install challenges through our technical expertise—we’ve seen it all!  Let our experienced engineers review drawings and hardware as even slight modifications to arrisies can avoid incurring extra time and money at point of install.

Beauty & Transparency with Safety Measures in Mind

Aside from added style and character, edging and polishing facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance efforts on your glass surfaces. These fabrication capabilities also boast safety measures to prevent potential injuries from chipping and jagged corners. 

For high-end retailers utilizing glass shelves, tabletops, and display cases, or offices looking to create a sense of privacy with glass dividers and partitions, and frameless glass walls—even the slightest enhancements can be a differentiator.

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Learn how Dillmeier Glass Company assisted Synergy Business Environments with a flat-polished edge glass divider project for a large healthcare company.

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