It would be difficult, if not impossible, to exist in an industry for as long as Dillmeier without having a strong corporate culture.

The Dillmeier culture isn’t something that was ever committed to paper. There’s no written code or rulebook, it’s something far more organic than that. Our culture is inspired by the people who represent Dillmeier as well as our customers.

The reason we chose to speak about it here is that it truly is something that we believe sets us apart from many other business, regardless of industry. When Dillmeier first opened up shop in 1933 it was obviously a much smaller operation and a much different time. But William Dillmeier’s work ethic and business ethos has survived for nearly 85 years.

Relevant. Innovative. Strong.

It’s no secret that multi-generational family businesses often fall apart. The reasons range from a lack of succession planning or poor management to competitive forces or market changes. The glass fabrication industry has remained relatively stable over the years, though we’ve had our fair share of innovations along the way. And over the decades we have somehow remained relevant, innovative and strong.

It’s tempting to think that it’s all about leadership. But that would only be part of the story and too convenient of an answer. Whatever the reason for our success and strong identity over the past nine decades, we know for certain that our people are the bedrock of the company and the reason behind our success.

So while we have no concrete answer as to why our culture is so strong and consistent, we have noticed certain patterns and principles that define us.

We care about our customers

Dillmeier will never be a household name but many of the companies we work for certainly are. Our success is dependent upon their happiness so we work tirelessly to ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations.

What we do isn’t easy

Yes, we have it “down” after all these years. But the bottom line is that we work with a fragile and sometimes dangerous product. Therefore, attention to detail and safety is core to our process and something we take very seriously.

Glass is a beautiful medium

Most people outside of our industry take for granted what we do. We’re part of the finished product and provide something consumers aren’t actually supposed to think about. But we sure do. One of the most excited things about glass fabrication is bringing our clients’ visions to life. Sometimes we think we’ve seen it all and then someone comes along and challenges us to push the limits of what has been done with glass. The results are often breathtaking. That’s a big reason why we take pride in our work and why Dillmeier’s team is so committed to the finished product.

Growth and Stability

Many of our team members have been with us for decades. They have seen ups and downs in the economy and more industry changes than one could imagine. Yet through it all our core team stays focused and grateful for the work we have. It’s a distinctly American work ethic that has somehow been infused to our DNA. Dillmeier Glass is filled with caring individuals who take pride in their work, give back to the community and possess gratitude to our clients for keeping us busy all these years.

One big happy family

It sounds so corny, but we truly respect one another and think of ourselves as a family. We work hard, which means we’re together a lot. Having a positive and respectful atmosphere is critical.

We see every project through to its conclusion

…and then some. Dillmeier will quote a job or project as often as necessary. We honor all change requests. We make good on our mistakes. (It happens.) We stay true to our word and do everything in our power to make our clients’ jobs much easier.

We’re not alone in the world

Even though we think we’re the best, we know there is always room to improve and that our clients have other options. This keeps us on our toes and pushes us to innovate, add capacity and find creative ways to service our clients better.