Learn how we can work together to transform workplace environments and safeguard team members and clients in a new, COVID-19 world.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions easing throughout the country and businesses from every industry slowly reopening and welcoming employees back, employers and office managers must be hyper-focused on protecting team members, customers, and clients while simultaneously maintaining collaboration and communication.

At Dillmeier Glass Company, we are proud to provide businesses across all industries with expertly crafted glass dividers and partition solutions to assist during this transition. 

We’ve also developed a downloadable guide addressing new requirements, challenges, obstacles, and the following important points:

  • How Organizations Can Curtail COVID-19 Spread While Accommodating Employee Comfort & Productivity

  • The Pre-COVID-19 Office vs the COVID-19 Office Layout

  • Overcoming COVID-19 Office Design Challenges

  • Choosing Your Glass Dividers & Partitions

  • Capabilities & Decorative Glass Elements

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