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Sports Arena Glass: Why Boards Don’t Shatter

Durable, Scratch-Free & Shatter-Proof Glass Panels

When protecting fans and players along the sides of hockey rinks, around team benches, and penalty boxes, glass panels are durable and strong, as well as providing unobstructed views—the last thing you want spectators to experience are unsightly panels with scratches and marks, both of which are often present in plexiglass or other materials.

Untreated annealed glass won't be able to withstand the harsh blows from players crashing into the panels during an intense game. Tempered glass, however, undergoes a five-step tempering process involving quick cooling and heating for enhanced strength and durability. This also reduces warping, cracking or shattering under any circumstances.  

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Added Glass Thickness Levels Withstanding
All Types of Pressure

Because sports arenas such as ice hockey rinks experience constant pressure and strikes, this area requires 5/8-inch thick glass panels to withstand abrupt and unpredictable game activities.

As each arena has its own specifications per event type and activity, glass panels will require custom finish work to include cutting, shaping, and drilling, as well as edgework and polishing, and hardware integrations.

Suitable Sports Arena Applications:

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