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Glass is nature’s innovation.

Born when granules of sand are met with heat and craftsmanship, the resulting phenomenon is a clean, flat surface perfect for the expression of ideas.

More than merely an object to write on, Reflections Glassboards defy convention and inspire the illustration of ideas, invoke collaboration, and express creativity. It takes the hidden potential of a classic whiteboard and amplifies its usage by allowing modern devices to incorporate into the board and improve functionality and flexibility.

Markerboards can reach a new level of creativity. With Reflections, you can harness the power of innovation.
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Flame-forged colors

Glass markerboards are typically more durable than porcelain, but we take that to the next level by applying a ceramic color coating before heating our boards to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This fuses the color into the glass at a molecular level so it doesn’t chip, flake, or scratch off.

white markerboard in office setting

IPad in glass markerboard showing a graph that's also drawn out on the board

Seamlessly integrate technology

Technology cutouts let you use your tablets at the markerboard while presenting. No more switching back and forth between board and screen.

white markerboard in office setting


Make any markerboard magnetic

Post announcements, add documents to presentations, or simple hang decorations with optional magnetic functionality.

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Endless Colors

Choose the popular, clean look of opaque white or specify any custom color and we’ll match it.

The way we work is a
reflection of your values.



Flexible Lead Times

Get a timeline that works for your project, not one based on an arbitrary deadline set by a specialty manufacturer.


Reasonable Pricing

Many times “custom” means “expensive,” but we’re turning that concept on its head. Contact us for pricing. You’ll probably be surprised.


White glove customer service

Fabricating marker boards is only half of what we do.  We're always available to answer your questions and we provide white glove packing, crating, logistics and delivery execution. That means your projects will close flawlessly on time, every time.

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