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Customized, Flame-Forged Ceramic Ink Markerboards.

Advanced fabrication and production processes provide colors that last a lifetime.

Dillmeier’s glass markerboards never chip, flake, or scratch. Made possible through our flame-forged color-coating process, this protects your markerboards for life.* 

While competitors paint colors onto glass after it has been tempered, flame-forging “bakes” your specified colors and tone directly into your glass markerboards. Occurring prior to tempering, glass is then heated to approximately 1,200-degrees Fahrenheit to fuse tones and hues, making it the most durable process possible. Choose from our standard color palette, or we can custom mix anything you like for the most opaque covering.

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Highest Industry Standards Marked By Lowest Replacement Rates 

Providing a wide range of options and personalization, our glass markerboards are also durable, easy-to-clean, and won’t stain or ghost over time. They’re also built and designed with the most specialized and advanced fabrication and production processes.

These exceptionally high standards contribute to our 1.01 percent overall yearly replacement rate—one of the lowest in the industry—and proof of our unwavering commitment to excellence.  

Through our attention to detail, constantly evolving processes, your glass markerboards will arrive in specially packed crates to the design of the glass specification, rather than vice-versa.

Competitive Pricing For Any Order Size & Type

Whether you require markerboards for one or multiple locations, we will ensure your project is competitively priced while never sacrificing quality, production, or logistics processes.

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Customized Logistics & Shipping

Your markerboards will arrive on time and within budget thanks to our customized shipping processes:



Flexible Lead Times

We can ship your project materials based on what works best for your needs, even on compressed timelines.


Competitive Pricing

We’ll help you develop a plan that’s designed for your budget and project needs.


Customized, “White-Glove” Packing & Crating

Each crate is custom packed and built to the specifications of your glass design. We also consider shipment type, size, carrier company, and weather conditions.

Enhanced Decorative Elements

Choose from the following customizations to enhance your markerboards for design and collaboration:

  • Custom Shapes & Sizes: Choose from standard rectangle option, or we can work with you to create any unique style or size of your choice. 
  • Creative Color Matching: Further personalize your projects by matching any color combination, tone, or pattern to amplify your brand and in-office aesthetic.
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IPad in glass markerboard showing a graph that's also drawn out on the board

Seamless Technology Integration

Easily embed digital tablets within your markerboards for important presentations. This facilitates one consistent platform, rather than switching between board and screen.

Useful & Helpful Accessories

Round out your markerboards’ best features with these convenient add-ons:

Magnetic Clips: Conveniently display your team’s important announcements and notes.
Custom-Fitted Marker Rails: Ensure quick access to markers and erasers.
Storage Box Trays: Provide handy safekeeping for your board’s accessories

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Close up images of the back of a markerboard being prepped for installation

Ease of Installation

Unique packing and crating facilitates easy installation process for all of your markerboards, regardless of size, shape and customizations. Most boards can be dropped into Z brackets for easy attachment and are pre-applied to your markerboards.  

Collaborate in Style

As workplaces continue to evolve, glass markerboards can help teams to collaborate effectively—even for remote and work-from-home employees.

Learn how Dillmeier Glass Company delivered a special request for an engineering firm requiring a specially etched, custom-coated, non-glare glass wall emulating a blackboard.




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