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5 Interior Glass Trends Within the Hospitality Industry

As the hospitality industry revises COVID-19 health and safety protocols, accompanying interior glass design trends are also being implemented, such as easy-to-clean and durable materials, personalization and branding, decorative elements, and more.
Published April 02, 2021

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With restaurants and hotels welcoming back guests as the hospitality industry slowly reopens amid modified novel coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, many establishments are now revising required personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures.

Along with the very visible, continuous deterrents to help curtail the spread and protect employees and customers such as masks, gloves, and glass dividers and partitions, less subtle ways include incorporating new design trends.

Regardless of restriction levels, current interior glass trends are focused on functionality, flexibility and durability, with sleek aesthetics. Facilitating this are easy-to-clean materials, personalization and branding, technology elements, and more.

Design Trends & Uses

Many architects and project managers are revising or planning new hospitality-focused projects with the current pandemic in mind. Changes adhere to PPE, social distancing, and contactless communications. 

Such updates will be reflective in lobbies, guest rooms, check-in counters, restaurants, and other common areas where person-to-person interactions occur. Industry designers  cite flexibility as top of mind for 2021 and into the foreseeable future. Spaces will be built with easy-to-evolve features, while also incorporating easy-to-clean aesthetics and branding.

Below we’ll discuss five hospitality-related interior glass trends and applications.


Regardless of restriction levels, current interior glass trends are focused on functionality, flexibility and durability, with sleek aesthetics

1. Easy-to-Clean Materials

Restaurants and hotels will maintain regular cleaning and sanitizing in accordance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Materials such as tempered and laminated glass can be wiped clean with any soft cloth or gentle cleaning solvent for a streak- and scratch-free appearance.

This is important for high-traffic areas, such as railings, elevators, counters, and furniture. In addition, glass provides added protection against COVID-19, due to its lower survival rate than on other surfaces.


2. Personalization & Branding

Glass dividers and partitions implemented PPE within retail and office environments are now hospitality industry standards. With a heightened focus on aesthetics, it’s important to work with a fabricator also experienced in upholding your brand. 

This is accomplished through techniques such as sandblasting and silkscreening for custom logos, images and designs, or a customized, drill-free clamping system. Consider adding embossed patterns for decoration and privacy while still maximizing natural light.

As more and more consumers resume traveling and dining out, there will be increased emphasis on creating relaxed and pleasant experiences. 


3. Durability,
Longevity & Flexibility

A common misconception is that glass materials aren’t safe in high-traffic settings due to possible breakage. However, both tempered and laminated glass are durable, shatter resistant, and don’t scratch easily. The latter will produce pebble-like pieces if broken, rather than sharp, dangerous shards. 

Flexibility includes meeting safety requirements while still maintaining a sense of open, natural transitions. Frameless glass walls accomplish this, as natural light within indoor spaces remains a necessity. Additional decorative elements, such as tinting, can assist with UV-reduction and heat absorption, while optimizing additional square footage. 

This provides unobstructed, transparent outdoor views from various vantage points, such as lobbies and conference rooms, restaurant dining rooms, or lounge areas.

4. Decorative Elements

As more and more consumers resume traveling and dining out, there will be increased emphasis on creating relaxed and pleasant experiences. 

Color palettes and choices are more critical than ever for branding and guest enjoyment. Consider working with a fabricator who can implement customized back-painting or ceramic color coating

While both processes achieve an exact match to complement your space aesthetics, Dillmeier Glass Company’s flame-forged ceramic color-coating process provides a *lifetime guarantee preventing chipping, flaking, or scratching.  


5. Technology

Soundproof glass walls, partitions, and windows minimize outdoor noise from traffic, loud music, or other distracting sources. These will be even more critical as more and more organizations resume in-person meetings and events.

If you’re unsure of how to measure tempered or laminated glass soundproofing, it’s best to determine your material’s Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings when planning your project. Ranging from poor to almost soundproof, STC values are calculated by broadcasting a specific auditory tone near the material, and measuring the decibel value on both sides. 

Glass markerboards boast many versatile applications, such as promoting daily specials and menu items within a bar or restaurant, or conveying messaging within a hotel conference room.

Dillmeier Glass Company’s Reflections line of markerboards can embed digital tablets on one consistent presentation platform.



Expert Fabrication for Every Project

For additional guidance on specific interior glass options within your hospitality-based project, it’s best to consult an experienced fabricator, such as Dillmeier Glass Company, for technical assistance.

Contact us today to determine the best interior glass solutions for your hospitality project.

*Lifetime Guarantee: Dillmeier Glass Company offers full assurance on all of its flame-forged ceramic ink for the life of the product. 

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