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5 Reasons Why Glass Retail Display Cases Are Must-Haves

Glass retail display cases provide sleek, simple, and versatile designs that are easy to clean and maintain, while effectively touting wares such as high-end jewelry and watches, clothing, shoes, sports memorabilia, and more.
Published July 06, 2021

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Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in November 2017 and has been revised to reflect industry updates.

When it comes to the retail industry, it’s of paramount importance to promote and sell as much high-quality merchandise as possible through effective marketing and social media campaigns, and helpful display strategies. These methods bring more potential customers in the door, while also maintaining loyalty and engagement.

Although a company’s products are the main focus, a retail store’s physical setup plays a major role in consumer perception. According to a 2021 study shared by Administrative Sciences, shoppers can be strongly influenced by store environments, or atmospherics. Of the retailers surveyed, many acknowledged these as effective tools for customer satisfaction and market differentiation. The findings also resulted in planning store environments to create and enhance a positive experience. 

Such information exemplifies how important it is for architects and contractors to create a functional yet stunning and welcoming space. One item that can positively impact a retail store’s overall ambience and design is a glass display case. 

Below we’ll discuss how glass display cases pose several promising benefits and features, and why these are must-haves for any retail location. 

1. They improve organization and security.

Regardless of store size and layout, there’s always merchandise employees must keep track of. Glass retail display cases help manage inventory, to ensure every item has a designated spot. This also increases security efforts, since it would be noticeable if an item was moved or misplaced. 

Because glass utilized within display cases are often tempered for added strength, products are more protected from theft than if on a regular shelf. This also includes security from smash-and-grab attacks frequently occurring within high-end retail stores. Fabricators such as Dillmeier Glass Company can help remedy this with a specialized UV-bonded tempered glass process to thwart even the most sophisticated thieves.

Consider laminated safety glass for additional protection. If shattered, this material spiders out and remains together, rather than breaking into dangerous shards. This promotes a high level of toughness, while also safeguarding both employees and customers from potential injuries and accidents. 

2. They make showcasing products easier.

A glass retail display case is also utilized as an advertising tool to capture consumer attention, without even the assistance of a sales floor associate. Rather than randomly positioning products on a table or counter, a display case encourages creative product placement ideas, arranging items to highlight best attributes and appeal. It also tells a story without having to worry about consumers moving and shuffling items around while browsing.

3. They are timeless.

As aforementioned, a retail store’s interior atmosphere can either invite or rebuff customers. A fresh, updated look is imperative for displaying retail items, as well as running the overall business. It’s not just about the product types, but also the store layout. Would you want to shop in an outdated store that hasn’t been redesigned in 20 years? The answer is probably a resounding no.

Fortunately, glass retail display cases are classic store components. They will always look like new and uphold their appearance with regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

4. They facilitate branding and personalization.

Consider decorative touches for added flair and pizzazz, to maintain cohesive branding and personalization. These could include elements such as back-painting, silk screening, and sandblasting.

For additional versatility, Dillmeier Glass Company can expertly cut and shape your display case to fit in with current store designs, updates, and revisions. Along with standard back-painted colors, we also provide custom color-matching to complement your brand and/or décor for a personalized look.

Consider utilizing specialized sandblasting and silk screening processes to apply any pattern, logo, design, shape or image to any glass retail display case prior to tempering. 

5. They are easy to clean.

When fabricated with tempered or laminated glass, retail display cases are easy to clean when regularly maintained with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solvent. Unlike plexiglass or acrylic, they won’t scratch, stain, or cloud.

To ensure your display cases are always looking their best, Dillmeier Glass Company recommends following specific tips and techniques as outlined by the Glass Association of North America and the International Window Cleaners Association. 

Glass Display Case Options to Make Your Products Shine

Whether you’re spotlighting high-end jewelry and watches, shoes and clothing, or unique memorabilia, it’s recommended to work with a glass fabricator who can effectively capture your products in a simplistic, yet decorative fashion. 

Contact Dillmeier Glass Company to learn more about our various retail display case design and fabrication options.

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