Dillmeier Glass specializes in both sandblasting and silk screening, which allows us to provide our customers with the most pristine and flawless glass products


Silk Screened Glass Close Up

Silk Screening

During silk screening, our technicians apply a pattern to the glass with ceramic frit ink before curing the glass in tempering ovens. The result is a very durable custom image on glass. At Dillmeier Glass we can take virtually any artwork and have it made into a screen that will be used to apply the ceramic ink onto the glass. Our attention to detail and our quality assurance process allow you to explore silk screening options with creativity and confidence.

Frosted Glass in Office


Dillmeier Glass also offers sandblasting services to customers. Our automated vertical sandblasting machine can apply frosted logos, designs, shapes, and images on any glass project. Major retailers, corporations, architects, designers and contractors rely on our expertise for their sandblasting requests. With each project, we make sure that the glass is prepared properly and handled with care in order to make sure that every finished product turns out impeccable.