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Back-Painted Glass Markerboards: A Modern, Customized Solution

Glass markerboards are durable, versatile, and easy-to-clean solutions for increasing communication and collaboration within corporate offices, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and other workplace environments.
Published August 12, 2020

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Glass markerboards offer myriad workplace benefits, from adding style and pizzazz through a wide range of design options, to fostering communication and collaboration among employees.

Unlike traditional whiteboards, glass markerboards provide a more pleasing display. Their non-porous surfaces afford an easy-to-clean appearance free of staining and ghosting. They can also be easily mounted, customized, and sized to fit any aesthetic. 

Back-painting creates further personalization by matching any color combination, tone, or pattern to amplify your brand and inter-office cooperation. 

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The following overview details the many benefits of back-painted glass markerboards, their custom processes, uses, and more.



Back-painted glass markerboards feature custom patterns, shapes, sizes, and mobile device integration.

Back-painting is applied to annealed glass. An expert fabricator can minimize their natural iron levels, for further transparency. Thickness can range from ⅛ to 1 inch, usually facing outward. 

When adding back-painted glass, even the slightest touches can create the boldest statements. Dependent upon your space and application, choose from clear, transparent tones, or darker, dramatic hues. 

A versatile glass fabricator can make such customizations through expert shaping and cutting techniques. 

Consider back-painting in coordination with your organization’s logos and branding. Unlike traditional paint and other decorative elements, back-painted glass won’t chip, fade, or scratch.

Back-painted glass markerboards feature custom patterns, shapes, sizes, and mobile device integration.


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Consider back-painting or custom flame-forged colors in
coordination with your organization’s logos and branding.


Ceramic Ink Finishes

Back-painting can be streamlined using ceramic, ink-roll coaters. Our advanced process fuses the ink to the glass whereby it's then painted post-tempering. 

Note the following process for existing or complementary color-matching:

  1. Eight base colors are strategically weighed to thousandths of a pound and then custom-mixed.

  2. Custom color-matching is then achieved through specialized equipment, a hot plate, and box furnace.

  3. This simulates the mechanics of a specialized roll-coat machine, drying furnace, and tempering furnace. 

  4. Color is then created per customer request.


Visit our Reflections web page for more information, contact us with any questions, or to place an order. 



Flame-Forged Colors

For an even sleeker appearance, consider Dillmeier Glass Company’s flame-forged ceramic color-coating process. Prior to tempering, ceramic ink is applied and glass is heated to approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Color is then fused into the glass at the molecular level, preventing chipping, flaking, or scratching. 

Suitable Spaces


Academic Institutions

Foster an interactive, open area where students and educators can map ideas for in-person or virtual instructions. 

Healthcare Facilities

Nonporous properties provide hygienic designs within emergency rooms, nurses stations, patient areas, or other important spaces.


Common Areas

Facilitate shared, synergic communication within corporate offices, hotel lobbies, and conference centers.

Restaurants & Bars

Enhance the promotion of your venue’s menu items and daily specials announcements. 



Magnetic clips can easily display important announcements
and notes on your back-painted glass markerboard.


For an even sleeker appearance, consider Dillmeier Glass Company’s flame-forged ceramic color-coating process.

Convenient Accessories

Consider the following add-ons to complement your back-painted markerboard. 

  • Custom-Fitted Marker Rails: Ensure quick access to markers and erasers.

  • Magnetic Clips: Conveniently display your team’s important announcements and notes.

  • Storage Box Trays: Provide handy safekeeping for your board’s accessories.


Experience Is Key

If you’re considering back-painted glass markerboards, it’s best to work with a skilled fabricator who can customize and color-match a cohesive design.

Contact us to discuss back-painted glass markerboards for your corporate office, academic institution, healthcare facility, or other interior commercial space.

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