We specialize in delivering the highest quality back painted glass, glass marker boards, and magnetic marker boards


Back Painted Glass

We specialize in delivering the highest quality back-painted glass to our commercial clients

From corporations and retail stores to hotels and restaurants, businesses are discovering the appeal of back-painted glass. As a result, they are increasingly asking their contractors and architects about this capability. 

What does back-painting mean? 

Back-painting is a technique that colors glass, transforming the otherwise transparent material into an opaque masterpiece. 

In order to achieve this look, expert glass fabrication companies strategically paint the back of a piece of glass using advanced, accurate machinery. If the finished product is a hotel reception desk countertop, for example, the painted side of the glass will face down when installed.

How does back-painted glass enhance an interior design? 

The pop of color back-painted glass adds to an interior space enriches the design and atmosphere, keeping it classic while incorporating a modern twist. Whether an employee or customer, there are many people spending time in these commercial spaces and it’s important to create a functional, but aesthetically pleasing environment.

By coupling the beauty of back-painted glass with its practicality, you will have a winning combination for endless applications. In fact, we utilize our back-painting skills for a wide range of interior products. 

Popular choices our customers inquire about include:

  • Hotel Lobby Walls and Reception Desk Countertops
  • Signage
  • Office Walls and Desk Systems
  • Retail and Corporate Conference Room Tabletops
  • Shelving
  • Hotel Bathroom Shower Walls
  • Glass Magnetic Marker Boards

While there are standard back-painting colors customers can choose from, our color-matching capabilities widen your options. (Read our case study about a project we worked on for Digs Design Company to learn more!) This lets our customers match the brand, logo, and/or décor of any business.

With the Dillmeier Glass Company’s help, you can size, shape, color, and finish your spec, delighting your clients when they get a glimpse of the high-quality, durable finished product.

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