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Dillmeier Glass Company Launches Glass Divider Product Line

Newly developed solution is designed to protect physical interactions among food service, hospitality, and retail employees and customers.
Published April 29, 2020


Van Buren, Ark. - April 29, 2020 – Dillmeier Glass Company is introducing a full line of customizable sneeze guards, protection screens, and glass dividers for food service, retail, hospitality, and other industries requiring employee-customer interactions.  

For businesses, the health of employees and their customers is paramount, especially as we all contend with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, these products are durable and are intended for long-term usage and can be deployed for various purposes. 

When deciding which protective product is best for your business environment, it’s important to consider its application, as well as privacy panel size, opening options, and glass type. 

Learn more about our Sneeze Guard and Glass Dividers product line, and download our helpful 4 Must Haves for Choosing the Right Glass Divider or Sneeze Guard, which includes specifics about each product and how to place your order.

Note the four critical components to consider for your glass divider/sneeze guard project:


1. Solution Type

Available as a fixed-in place, free-standing or surround solution with required mounting hardware, base, or connector, respectively. 


2. Privacy Panel Size

This could be either rectangular or non-rectangular. A rectangular divider requires height, width, and quantity specifications. 

Glass-Divider---Sneeze-Guard-Shape-Options-Rendering-13. Opening Options

Choose from rectangle, square, circle or full-width panel openings to facilitate contactless payments. We also offer a no opening option for complete protection.


4. Glass Type:

All dividers are fabricated with standard glass. Consider upgrading to low-iron glass for the most transparent visibility.


“This new product line is designed to provide a long-term solution for retail, hospitality, and other industries that require protective measures for person-to-person interaction at the point of sale,” says Dillmeier Glass Company President Garrett Ames. “We, along with our many fabricator partners, are ready to assist our customers in selecting the best-customized solution for their specific needs.”

This new product line is designed to provide a long-term solution for retail, hospitality, and other industries that require protective measures for person-to-person interaction at the point of sale."

We Can Customize Any Project

By providing the most accurate project information such as specs, measurements, application use, and glass type, we can customize any project in a timely fashion. 

Our longtime partnerships with stainless steel fabricators allow us to expedite even the most complex of projects, regardless of lead times. 

Remember to check out our Sneeze Guards and Glass Dividers product page. If you have any questions or would like assistance with a customized design, please contact us. Also, make sure you download and complete our one-page guide when you’re ready to order. 

About Dillmeier Glass Company

In 1933, William M. Dillmeier opened a small glass fabrication business in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, Dillmeier Glass has grown to become a leading fabricator of glass store fixtures, glass components, glass wall systems, and myriad of other glass applications for customers worldwide. 

Today Dillmeier Glass operates its own 150,000-square-foot facility with a broad range of technologically advanced equipment and highly skilled operators that can fabricate virtually any thickness, size, edgework, surface treatment, cut-out or drill pattern. Our customers include store fixture manufacturers, regional and national retailers, glass distributors, interior wall companies, architects, builders, shower door installers, sporting arenas, and furniture and table manufacturers.

Contact us to learn more about how the Dillmeier team can help facilitate your glass divider and sneeze guard needs.


Must Haves for Sneeze Guards PDF Cover


The 4 Must Haves for Selecting the right Sneeze Guards and Glass Dividers
PDF Guide

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