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3 Benefits of Commercial Glass Doors in Office Interiors

Strength, resistance to rust and rodents, and space-saving qualities are just three benefits of utilizing commercial glass doors in office interiors.
Published July 23, 2018

3 Benefits of Commercial Glass Doors in Office InteriorsThere are several reasons glass remains a popular commercial construction component. This transparent material not only looks great, but also possesses other significant qualities that make it ideal within corporate office settings. Specifically, its use as an interior door—whether for an individual office or conference room—holds several advantages.

Three benefits of commercial glass doors in office interiors include:

1. Strength

It doesn’t matter if a door, partition, wall system, or any other interior element is made of glass—it’s probably tempered, which means it’s able to withstand pressure, and wear and tear. Because safety-tempered glass is so durable, the chances of it shattering are less than regular glass. In fact, the former is four- to five-times stronger than the latter.

There are several steps involved in the tempering process, which follows fabrication, since glass cannot be cut or altered once tempered.

The first step requires trained technicians to cut and shape the glass into its desired dimensions, which is discussed and confirmed with the client beforehand. The next entails checking the glass for any cracks or bubbles that could cause it to break during the heating and cooling process. Once the glass is cleared of any imperfections, it is thoroughly washed to eliminate any residual dirt before going into the tempering oven. Next, the glass is blasted with cool air, which causes tension, since the exterior layer cools faster than the interior layer. The tension is the reason the finished product is so durable.

2. Resistance to Rust & Rodents

Unlike other materials used for interior office doors, glass cannot rust or become infested with termites and other unwanted critters. As a result, they don’t have to be replaced often, as long as they’re properly cleaned and maintained. This also exemplifies the practicality of glass doors in any commercial space, in terms of cost-effectiveness.

3. Space-Saving Qualities

Commercial glass doors aren’t bulky design components that take up a lot of space, either. They're sleek additions to an office that make the interior appear more open. Plus, those who choose to keep the material in its original, transparent state will also benefit from an employee-collaboration standpoint, as co-workers can see one another in their respective offices, as well as any conference rooms. This may also make an office look larger than it actually is, since nothing is blocking employees from seeing into the various rooms.

The Dillmeier Glass Company is a commercial glass manufacturer that specializes in fabricating glass doors, as well as other products, for commercial interior spaces, including, but not limited to, offices. We take the time to custom shape and size each piece of glass to meet the needs of our clients. This ensures they all fit properly into the space, and look incredible, tying the design together. Contact us today to inquire more about our capabilities and specialties.

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