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The Process of Custom Glass Cutting

Custom glass cutting involves finding out the product’s exact dimensions and utilizing precision glass-cutting equipment, such as CNC machines.
Published January 13, 2017

The Process of Custom Glass Cutting

From retail shelves and display cases to office walls and railings, glass proves time and time again that it is the perfect addition to any interior space. By custom-ordering this translucent material, the result will turn out just as you imagined it—maybe even better.

Part of the fabrication process is custom glass cutting, which involves meticulously shaping the glass in order to ensure that the finished product will have the right dimensions and design.

Once you know where to get your custom cut glass, which may take some time because there are many factors to look for in a glass fabricator, you sit down with the manufacturer to discuss the type of product you have in mind along with other key details, such as the following:

  • Glass type
  • Glass thickness
  • Size
  • Shape

After these specifics are discussed and determined, trained technicians will execute each stage of the custom glass cutting process.

Although the glass may still need to be cut by hand, depending on the product design, most of the time machines are used in order to ensure that every cut is made with the utmost precision.

Some custom glass cutting equipment includes:

  • CNC machine: It is computer-controlled glass cutting machine, which makes it extremely accurate.
  • Water-jetting equipment: This machinery deploys the power of highly-pressurized water to cut glass.
  • Automated Cutting Tables: Once the glass sheets are scored, these tables use carbide cutting wheels with specific pressure, depending on the thickness of the glass.

But keep in mind that not every glass manufacturer is going to have the most up-to-date technology or the know-how. Be sure you inquire about it when you're deciding where to order custom glass for your commercial space.

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