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Why High-Quality Glass Edgework is So Important

High-quality glass edgework gives the finished product an impressive look, whether for a high-end retail case or a frameless office sliding door.
Published November 10, 2016

Why High-Quality Glass Edgework is So Important

Those who work with glass fabricators know how important it is to properly polish glass to achieve high-quality edgework. Shortcuts will take away from the look of the final product, thus failing to complement its surrounding space and disappointing your clients.

The Beauty of High-Quality Edgework

High-quality glass edgework makes a finished product look timeless and elegant. Glass with this kind of craftsmanship can be utilized in various spaces.

For example, a high-end retailer is going to want stunning glass shelves, table tops, and showcases to display its products. The way in which an item is presented affects how consumers perceive it. So when someone is looking at an expensive watch or bracelet, for instance, exceptional glass edgework will enhance the whole presentation. Poor-quality edgework, on the other hand, won’t have that same effect, possibly turning away customers or failing to grab their attention as they shop.

But high-quality glass edgework isn’t just a key characteristic for retail furniture; it can also improve the look of other commercial and residential environments, such as an office. Rather than dull sliding doors that don’t enrich the space, simple pivot doors or partition walls with beautiful edges can give it a more classic and polished appearance.

Types of Glass Edgework

Now that you understand why edgework is a key part of the glass fabricating process, here are several types to choose from when you work with a top-notch glass fabrication company:

  • Pencil Polish (Rounded Edge)
  • Flat Polish (Flat Edge)
  • Bevel Edge (Sloped Edge)
  • Miter Edge (Slanted Edge – Between 0 and 45 degrees)

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