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Dillmeier Glass Company Discusses New Technology Innovations & Production Capabilities

Working with a glass fabricator well versed in the industry’s latest technologies, capabilities, and equipment is a differentiating factor when it comes to project management, planning, design, shipping and logistics, and more.
Published February 08, 2021

Faded image of all glass office and text - Dillmeier Glass Company Discusses New Technology Innovations & Production Capabilities

As glass manufacturing and production changes and evolves, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments through appropriate research, innovations, and technologies. 

Dillmeier Glass Company continually expands its capabilities through its equipment, engineering and logistics processes, and people. 

As the company continually invests in these areas, it consistently offers customized solutions built on innovation, research and development, and unique design capabilities. 

Learn how Dillmeier Glass Company is implementing several new investments, capabilities, and other research and development initiatives this year. 




Having  just installed three new machines within its 150,000-square-foot facility, Dillmeier Glass Company is always on the cusp of innovation and development. 

Having just installed three new machines within its 150,000-square-foot facility, Dillmeier Glass Company is always on the cusp of innovation and development. This extends to the Van Buren, Ark.-based fabricator’s employee training, education, and safety measures. 

“We invest in equipment every year to stay current with the latest technologies to upgrade what we have,” says Jerry Goolsby, Dillmeier Glass Company’s vice president of operations. “But you also have to invest in people and ensure they’re taken care of, which is also a big part of how we stay current and respond to what the industry wants and needs.”

Cody Tran, the fabricator’s vice president of engineering, shares these sentiments regarding the company’s research and development. 

“True innovation is borne from the customer needing something—whether they are aware of that or not,” Tran says. “We can engineer a better solution than what they might have originally asked for to exceed their expectations, while also providing innovation.”

Dillmeier Glass Company’s tempered glass divider clamp project is one example. Completed for a multi-location, U.S.-based investment bank, this personal protective equipment (PPE) helped the bank’s more than 3,000 employees safely return to work during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

With lead time of just a few weeks, the bank requested a clamping system that wouldn’t leave any holes, scratches, or marks. This required a drill-free solution, should the customer require future design changes, adjustments, or removal. 

Dissatisfied with available solutions, Tran’s team instead developed customized, powder-coated, drill-free metal brackets. 

“This was another example of how we always try to be innovative to meet our customers’ needs,” Tran says. “We look at a challenge, and if there’s one that’s not currently available, we come up with one ourselves.”

Tran says the fabricator recently filed a patent to trademark this innovative, non-destructive clamping system.


man and woman looking at markerboard

To emulate a blackboard appearance, Dillmeier Glass Company recently designed a specially etched, custom-coated, non-glare glass markerboard wall.

Increased Capabilities

Dillmeier Glass Company has also increased its automation capabilities within project management and materials handling. 

“We are continually and actively investing in improved materials handling and automation for increased response times and enhanced quality control,” Goolsby says.

Tran adds his engineering team has followed up on this through the fabricator’s customized laminated glass solution.

Traditionally involving two pieces of tempered glass sandwiched between clear and plastic resin, this five-step process boasts safety, wellness and productivity features. It also facilitates easy application of decorative elements, such as back-painting, tinting, patterns, logos, and other designs. 

“Cody has done a lot of work related to our in-house capabilities with the various interlayers of laminated glass to meet our customers’ needs,” Goolsby says. “He’s taken it further to more than just a clear interlayer through higher acoustic ratings and improved aesthetics.”

The fabricator recently completed a decorative laminated glass project for Crystal Bridges. The Bentonville, Ark.-based venue requested color-matched laminated glass for its accent walls and lounge/bar area. 

“There was a certain look the architect wanted to achieve, and it came down to a specified color, which was accomplished through speciality decorative laminated glass,” says Dillmeier Glass Company President Garrett Ames. 


color-matched laminated glass accent wall for bar area of restaurant

The fabricator designed and customized color-matched laminated glass for a Bentonville, Ark.-based restaurant's accent walls and lounge/bar area.

Unique Customizations

Dillmeier Glass Company often receives custom requests within its Reflections glass markerboard line, such as technology integrations, color-matching, and other unique features.

Recent solutions include incorporating tablets into the markerboard to facilitate a consistent platform during presentations. Another was an engineering firm requiring a specially etched, custom-coated, non-glare glass wall emulating a blackboard appearance. 

“Sometimes a challenge or other predicament is the start of an innovative solution,” Ames says. “Understanding a customer’s needs helps us provide solutions that are simple, yet involve creative thought.”

Adding to these points, Ames mentions the fabricator’s plans to enter the bullet-resistant glass market later this year.

“We have seen an increase in requests for this material [bullet-resistant glass], and we’re always searching for the best ways to deliver on that through current research and development processes, and customer needs,” he explains. 


Dillmeier Glass Company consistently offers customized solutions built on innovation, research and development, and unique design capabilities. 

Exceeding Expectations

It’s best to consult an experienced fabricator with the appropriate tools, equipment, and technology to effectively meet current glass innovations, such as Dillmeier Glass Company. 

Contact us to today to learn more about our latest glass fabrication capabilities and innovations.

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