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Tempered Glass Dividers: COVID-19 Workplace Protection

Durability, versatility, transparency, and easy retrofitting rank tempered glass dividers the better choice for protecting employers, employees, and customers as businesses reopen in the COVID-19 era.
Published May 19, 2020

Tempered Glass Dividers: COVID-19 Workplace Protection - Text GraphicThe novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forever changed how we work and interact with others. Safety and adherence to social distancing will be paramount within all workplaces, regardless of industry. 

Glass dividers will be an important safeguard for compliance. These separators protect team members while maintaining collaboration and communication.

Return-to-Work-CTA-Wide-Get-Guide-NowInstead of quick-fix materials such as plexiglass and acrylic, tempered glass provides protection, affordability, 

durability, and scratch resistance—and can be fabricated to include decorative branding elements, such as laminated glass and stainless steel fixtures. 

COVID-19 also has a shorter lifespan on tempered glass than plexiglass and other materials. 

Here’s a useful explainer on tempered glass divider specifications, solutions, aesthetics, and more.

Tempered Glass Benefits

COVID-19 has a shorter lifespan on tempered glass than plexiglass and other materials.

As aforementioned, the strength, durability, and versatility of tempered glass form a powerful trifecta. It can also be easily retrofitted to an existing layout. 

Tempered glass is less expensive than other alternatives, and can be manufactured expeditiously by an experienced fabricator, such as Dillmeier Glass Company, no matter a project’s unique specifications. 

Glass Dividers

These originated as protective, sanitary, sneeze guards at buffets and other self-service food stations, but since the outbreak of COVID-19, have found extremely useful applications in protecting staff members at commercial offices, retail locations, healthcare facilities, and more. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines mandate “Stay[ing] at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people.” This will be the norm for the foreseeable future, so it’s important to choose a long-term, permanent remedy in the workplace, such as tempered glass dividers, rather than a quick fix.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 10.06.39 AM


Retail settings require protection for employee-customer point of sale transactions. Glass dividers can be quickly incorporated at these highly interactive businesses, which include checkout lanes at grocery stores and pharmacies, for example. Other high-volume venues, such as banks and post offices, also benefit from these long-term solutions.



Healthcare & Hospitality

Already under strict sanitary and hygienic guidelines regardless of COVID-19, the safeguards at these businesses—including hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and more—must be durable, transparent, scratch resistant, and perhaps most importantly, easily cleanable, to thwart germs and infections.


Conoco Custom Design - 1/2" Low-Iron Glass



Office Environments

Similar to glass dividers, modular office walls and glass office partitions foster creativity and collaboration while providing critical protection for all those within a workplace. Most modular systems can be set up, retrofitted and configured quickly. 


Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.25.08 AM

Modular office walls and glass office partitions foster creativity and collaboration while providing critical protection for all those within a workplace.


When considering your glass divider, keep in mind the following components, such as positioning, privacy panel size, opening options, and glass type. 

Choose from a fixed panel with accompanying mounting hardware or free-standing divider supported by acrylic stands. A full, surround panel features chrome or plastic connectors, or UV-bonded gapless glass. 

Standard privacy dividers are rectangular and require height, width, and quantity measurements. These can be customized to meet retrofitting and branding aesthetics. 

Most non-office environment applications require a transactional exchange with an open bottom. These can be fabricated in rectangular, square, circle, or full-width options.

Branding Aesthetics

Tempered glass is a long-term, feature-rich, functional option that can retrofit existing layouts. Working with a glass fabricator can marry branding and style. 

Laminated Glass

This is ideal for an office requiring soundproofing properties. Specialty interlayers can also be used to achieve various opacities and custom design aesthetics.  

Low-Iron Glass

This specialized process minimizes tinting, while increasing natural light flow and clarity.


Matching the colors of an organization’s brand with its health and safety solution adds uniformity and style to any office environment. 


Ceramic frit ink can add customized patterns to tempered glass dividers for sophistication and character. 

Frosted Glass

Consider frosted panels to increase privacy or frosted logos, designs, shapes, and images to elevate your branding. 

Dillmeier Glass Company

We provide expertly crafted glass dividers and partitions to safeguard employers, employees, and clients from health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Contact us today for assistance on customizing a tempered glass divider or partition solution for your business or project.

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