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Why is Tempered Glass Used So Often?

Tempered glass is used because it’s stronger than regular glass and doesn’t break into sharp, dangerous pieces if shattered.
Published September 20, 2017

Why is Tempered Glass Used So Often?

Tempered glass, which undergoes a specialized heat treatment process, is often utilized for both commercial and residential applications. Office walls, store fixtures, railings, conference and reception desk table tops, gym locker doors—they’re almost always tempered, and for many good reasons.

Here are several key explanations as to why tempered glass is used:


Tempered glass does well under stress.

The tempering process toughens the glass so much that it becomes four to five times stronger than regular glass. This makes it a more suitable material for a variety of venues housing a lot of people. In an office environment, for instance, tempered glass partitions can be used to help arrange the space, and workers don’t have to worry if they accidently bump into them. Additionally, in a museum, showcases can withstand the stress of historical items displayed, while also keeping them secure.



Tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp pieces.

It is uncommon for this type of glass to break. However, if for some reason it does, it will shatter into small, round pieces, not sharp and rigid slivers or shards. As a result, it’s unlikely anyone nearby will get hurt. This extraordinary characteristic helps ensure people’s safety, and also makes it easier to clean up.

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